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the students current situation and experience

Have a peaceful mind will have a happy life wife recently classmate gathering, often mentioned to me that the students current situation and experience, let me have feeling very much.Wife is a downgrade, it formed the two group of students, a group is called “two rich generation”.
I retired before is class and state cadres, give them to arrange the life “the road”, have a very high starting point of life peers, to many years to catch up to the starting line; another is the real “poor” two generation “, parents are ordinary workers, did not have to give him door leaves savings, no arrangements for the work of Shu Xin.
They or on the road, or in the home work, hard work, struggling to support.A lot of people think, the car, the life is rich days should be better, but this group of two rich generation of life is not so, but let them happiness index reduced root, it is they have no peace of mind, endlessly compare and can not satisfy the vanity is the burial tomb of happiness.
Rich or poor, rich is not the proud as Lucifer, the poor do not feel inferior, blame.However, there are people, knowledge is infinite. You again, rich, and one is more rich, rich two generations of one of my classmates is because cannot bear the desire pressure, ultimately chose the Dutch act so poor; there will be no pressure?No, two poor acting student struggling years, he did not break the shackles of fate, see another car, live in a high-rise building, feel hopeless life, chose to flee, escape from life.
Peace of mind is very important, you know they belong to which one layer, is working layer, businessman, or .. .., this point it is also good attitude adjustment, poor and rich than not, try to want to make yourself happy thing, make peace of mind, we are ordinary people instead of saints, to the life philosophy can’t fathom out, not like the saints do not be secular distress, ordinary people as long as the inner peace and happiness.
In order to achieve peace of mind, do not blindly.In you without shoes, do you think there is no feet, you will meet, will feel happy.See the disease, injury, disability, and we see peers, is leaning on a stick, and a wheelchair, they did not want to healthy living, their greatest wish may be like a normal person.
So compared with them, our attitude will balance.Conversely, hello high ducks away, never to meet.See more rich than you and you do not balance, than you see you only is not balanced, that health and happiness will be away from you, not even a balanced state of mind will take your life.
In order to achieve peace of mind, must have a broad mind.Like a vast sea, blue waves of 10 thousand just, let the ship 10000 tons ride the wind and waves without leaving any scar.”A rollover sail past, head of ten thousand tree wood spring.
“When confronted with difficulties, can see the depression after the hope and frustration after the Renaissance, then your life is full of hope and confidence, you will be optimistic, and get the better vision of the future, as encouraged by your life on the strength to overcome difficulties.
A site on the Internet to carry out a survey of public opinion, a question: have a look please netizens should have a kind of what kind of life when life such as water at all times and in all countries, the water is very much.
“As good as water, water benefits things without struggle, say the most noble one give up, give up if not friends; give up somekind no-gain affection; give up some recently heard such a funny story, a

July 17th, 2012
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